Nicole & Corelle

I absolutely love having engagement sessions or pre-wedding sessions as it is the perfect time to get to know my couples. It is also usually hassle free and we just get to have fun. They learn how I work and I learn how comfortable they are in front of the lens and we work together to make things as fun as it can be.

they came in shy...

and my combat to this is just giving them a scenario to work with. It really was just that. The rest of the shots were these two showing the love and genuine care that they have for one another. Best part was that they were completely down to everything I suggested and even gave their own suggestions towards the end of the session. We also did get a party of paddlers that came to congratulate them. I was too in the zone to notice them until they were close enough to get in the shots. Which explained why they got shy again...but with the congrats and hoorays, they were celebrating their engagement again.

congrats to you both!

I am absolutely thrilled and excited to photograph your special day with you both. Thank you again for choosing me.