In the world of professional photography, capturing beauty requires more than just a skilled photographer behind the lens. It takes a collaborative effort, where each element seamlessly intertwines to produce stunning visual narratives. In a recent collaboration that epitomizes this synergy, Maivab Photography joined forces with Sandy's Beauty Team, resulting in a mesmerizing showcase of artistry and creativity.

at Black Heart studio...

We embarked on a remarkable photography journey, exploring the vast array of options within its expansive confines. The studio, boasting ample space and diverse settings, provided an ideal backdrop for our creative endeavors.

I relished the opportunity to experiment with various setups, leveraging the studio's versatility to its fullest extent. Utilizing the pristine white backdrop, complete with pre-set lighting, facilitated effortless shooting and enabled me to capture captivating behind-the-scenes moments, perfect for sharing on social media platforms like Instagram.

Additionally, I capitalized on the studio's corner area, transforming it into a dynamic room-like setting for added visual interest. The flexibility afforded by Black Heart Studio's resources, coupled with the accommodating nature of its owner, Tom, was truly remarkable. Tom's unwavering support and genuine hospitality ensured that my experience at the studio was not only productive but also enjoyable.

Check out the space here.


Special thanks to Sandy and Ashaley for organizing everything, creating such an efficient shoot with so many working parts.

Photo/Retouching by Maivab Photography

Black Heart studio


IG: Blackheart_Studio_MN

beauty team

Meet Sandy's Beauty Team

ARTIST: Sandy Xiong

Model: Tiffany Tran

Social Media Manager

Ashaley Yang

ARTIST: Du Artistry

Models: Justina & Emma

ARTIST: Beauty By Chee Chee

Model: Terchiel & Mai Lee

ARTIST: Bao Lynn Thao

Models: Kasheng & Kousey

ARTIST: Elizabeth Yang

Models: Serenidy & Selena

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Behind The Scenes Photo by Ashaley