What's in your camera bag?

This seems to be the number one question that comes whenever someone figures out you're a photographer along with what was your settings. Although I'm not a huge fan of technicalities because the situation changes almost after every click of the button & I sometimes drastically edit my photos, these are the usual supplies that I have with me during a natural light photoshoot as well as indoor studio session.

  1. Canon 5D Mark 3
  2. 24-70mm f/2.4
  3. 50mm f/1.8
  4. 85mm f/1.8
  5. Reflector
  6. UV Protector
  7. Wireless Remote
  8. Canon Speedlite 430EXII
  9. Batteries (for everything)
  10. LimoStudio 2Pcs Dimmable LED Photo Video Lights
  11. Fog Machine & Liquid to refill
  12. Backdrop Stand & Backgrounds (Black, White & a bunch of wrapping paper of all sorts)
  13. Godox Beauty Dish
  14. Card Reader & Laptop
  15. Gaft Tape (lifesaver)
  16. Lens Cleaner

Can you teach me how to edit like you?

Although I don't have the luxury to actually sit down with every person who wants me to teach them, I do have videos showcasing my workflow and I will also include the places I go to learn what I've learned. The one thing I tell everyone is to practice. Either take photos to practice or find photos to practice with (keep in mind while finding photos to practice, if you do not have permission from the photographer then you are not allowed to post it up - copyright issues do apply here too). My background in photoshop started in middle school with Photoshop 6.0 which just means I've literally spent a decade learning PS. 

  1. Retouching Academy - How I started learning beauty retouching and now my most favorite style of retouching
  2. Phlearn - How I learned how to focus on lighting and manipulations
  3. Anita Sadowska - I spend a lot of time just watching videos as I am a visual learner
  4. Youtube - Where you can find my videos on my workflow, editing, & bts from my shoots

Any other questions?

Please ask away by using the contact form. I do my best to reply within 24 hours.