Winter Wonderland Glam

I absolutely love working with Joylin. We usually shoot together once a year but this year, it happened twice! We started in studio first as I am learning and experimenting more with studio photography. I wanted to end 2016 shooting differently than the usual so during the christmas haul, I went a little crazy with wrapping paper to use as the backdrops.

The wrapping paper worked beautifully although there are slight changes I would make for my next shoot with wrapper paper. Joylin worked her poses so beautifully, I had so much fun shooting away as we caught up on life. Towards the end of the shoot, we mentioned going outside, slightly cautious of the weather but she was all up for it. Which was great because I absolutely love Joylin with nature. 

Check out Joylin because she's beautiful and amazing and then scroll down to see more from this shoot.