Snow & Fur

SIDE NOTE: I'm a little behind on blog updates only because I had so many shoots within a certain time period so now i'm trying to catch up.

Another winter break photoshoot with the lovely Kaozong. The weather was freezing but at least it was the better day of weather compared to the rest of the week. I was lucky enough to have three assistants to make sure that I had everything together and also get a behind the scenes video. We spent a good 30 minutes shooting until it got too cold to do anything else. So thankful to have such a brave first time model who wasn't layered up much but still braved the cold weather. 

Kaozong Thao

Victoria Vang

Ericka Vang

Sheng Yang

Pearls from Target
Fur from JoAnn
Smoke grenade from Genola Co.
Dress donated to me by photographer friend Lee Vue