Happy New Year Giveaway

Hello Everyone,
I just wanted to let you all know that I’ll be updating the site with more of my wedding photography and event photography since I’ve been getting so many requests and I occasionally do both. Also, to celebrate the wonderful opportunities I’ve received and the lovely fan base growing, I’m also doing a giveaway. One thing I wanted to do more of for 2019 is artistically photograph 2+. I’ve had the opportunities of photographing 3+ models but I wanted to focus on 2 individuals and master that first before I move on to larger group settings and the main goal is to do something artistic with this giveaway.

2019 Giveaway

In case you’re interested, deadline is January 11th. I will be announcing the winner on January 12th.


1. Follow @maivabphotography on IG &/or FB
2. Tag a friend who’d you like to have a shoot with, each tag counts as an additional entry

Note: Photoshoot scheduling will only be considered from the announcement of winner until the end of July and both of you must be able to travel to MN for the shoot.

Also I know the photo are girls, but this goes for both guys and girls 😂

Please go comment on my FB or IG post.

Next, I have also started an magazine focusing on promoting minority underground artists. I’m super super excited about it as I have an amazing team behind me helping me make my vision come true. If you’re an artist and you’re interested in getting featured, PLEASE don’t hesitate to submit your work!!!

Check it out: C.AIM Magazine

Thank you all so much for the wonderful opportunities in 2018, I’m excited for what’s to come forth for 2019.

UPDATE: Winner from IG @haiz_02

Thank you for everyone who entered!!!