Portrait Session: Fuechee Thao

I consider this my first official male shoot because it's one that I planned myself and the sole focus was for a male. Fuechee is my nephew in law and I've known him for some years (ever since his sister married my nephew) so I've watched him grow up into the handsome guy he is now. I was super excited when he was up for being my first test subject. 

I've been doing some research on how to pose guys and watching tons of videos and I figured I wanted to focus on the asian men photoshoots - which meant I just focused on a lot of Kpop groups and how they create their look books and video teasers such.

Model: Fuechee Thao Photographer: Katherina Vang

Model: Fuechee Thao
Photographer: Katherina Vang

This shoot was for my experimenting purposes so we went into direct sunset for the shoot as well as indoor studio shots since I'm still learning how to 'master' studio photography. Throughout this whole session, Fuechee was so patient and nice!! So very thankful to have him as my first official male model (only saying this because I did photograph John & Julie but that shoot was couple based with some single portraits on the side).



Model: Fuechee Thao
IG @fuecheethao

Photographer: Katherina Vang
IG @maivab | @maivabphotography