NYC for Tribeca Film Festival 2018

I'm a little late with this post but back in April, I spent a wonderful 4 day weekend in NYC with my sister and buddies to celebrate NICE's premiere at 2018 Tribeca Film Festival. 

Director Andrew, Writer and Actor Naomi, and Producer Carolyn at Tribeca Film Festival.

Director Andrew, Writer and Actor Naomi, and Producer Carolyn at Tribeca Film Festival.

NICE, if you haven't heard of it, is a new potential series about Teddy, a black sheep of her conservative Korean-American family dealing with the unexpected return of cancer. It’s created by and stars Naomi Ko, who made a brief but memorable appearance in 2014’s Dear White People. (Directed by Andrew Ahn; April 23) (SUMMARY FROM ETONLINE).

I was able to go behind the scenes to meet all the stars and celebrities since I had photographer's access thanks to Naomi, Andrew and Carolyn. It was such a surreal experience and I felt so noob with all the gears that the pros were using but I got the job done. I met a lot of amazing people at the after party and had lots of fun (thanks to everyone who took care of me). This was such an amazing event in which I feel so honored to be a part of. 

Of course, while in NYC, we explored and I had a few spontaneous sessions. Thanks to all the guys who allowed me to put them through the randomness that inspired me at that moment.


Michael's Challenge


I was super excited as soon as I found out that Michael's was challenging creatives to pretty much go into their shop and do what we've always dreamed of doing: photographing inside their store. Who wouldn't take advantage of this challenge?!?! I certainly did - although they announced it right before I got sick so I had to wait a few weeks before I actually finally did anything about it.

Thank you to the lovely model Houa Vang who reached out to me prior to my health for a shoot, I ended up asking to shoot with her for this. She was so lovely to work with and did a super job! Thank you to my awesome sister Victoria Vang for recording footages for me as always. I was able to keep a memory of this awesome day because of her. Check below for the behind the scenes as to how I shot these with no reflector or other source of lighting besides using the light that was given to me.


Photographer: Katherina Vang
IG @maivab | @maivabphotography
FB @maivab

Model: Houa Vang
IG @lovehouav

Assistant/Video: Victoria Vang
IG @wtoriadraws