Collab: Pretty Rock Girl Collection

Three years of being in love with her creations, I finally got a collaboration to happen between us. Pretty Rock Girl Collection has been on my radar for awhile now, I just love her pieces and they're amazing and glam with an edge - which I love! Check her creations out if you haven't yet!!

I got super lucky and was able to get the amazing Jennifer Chang to model the pieces for me too. Check her out, it took me a year of following her in IG to finally tell myself to just reach out but then she reached out to me first!! She's super awesome, I wish I had reached out to her earlier but it's ok cause we gonna work together again ;)

Special thanks to my sister Victoria for capturing all the footages for me (there's a reason why I've been lacking videos lately - my go-to assistant was too busy to follow me to shoots). She's also an amazing artist so go check out her work too!

Check out the video for behind the scenes and scroll past for more photos from the photoshoot. 


Pretty Rock Girl Collection by Zong Xiong

Photographer: Katherina Vang
IG @maivab | @maivabphotography
FB @maivab

Model: Jennifer Chang
IG @therealjchang 
Youtube Jenniferchang

Assistant/Video: Victoria Vang
IG @wtoriadraws


Collab: Ramadhan Designs

I fell in love with Rammy Mohamed's designs after spotting them on IG. Finding out that she is a local MN artist, I knew I had to work with her.

Special thanks to Joylin for modeling for us & In Progress for allowing us to use the space. I also made a quick behind the scenes video from the shoot so check it out! 

I loved all the photos from the shoot so narrowing them down to edit was super hard for me. Check below for some of my favorite final products from the shoot.


Photographer: Katherina Vang
IG @maivab | @maivabphotography
FB @maivab

Fashion Designer: Rammy Mohamed
IG @ramadhan_designs

Model: Joylin Munro
IG @joylinmunro

Collab: Nahly Vue Photography

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Nahly Vue Photography who is a beginning photographer. Although she has recently started, she has already started gaining traction from her work and her ability to network so definitely check her out as she is going places :)

Nahly fixing Kaozong's hair

Nahly fixing Kaozong's hair

Thank you to the beautiful Kaozong Thao for modeling for us and freezing yet again!!

I also created a really quick video from behind the scenes that I recorded as Nahly was shooting and the images shown are the ones I took since I wasn't able to videograph myself shooting. I'll also be posting my part of the photographs below.


Photographer: Katherina Vang
IG @maivab | @maivabphotography
FB @maivab

Photographer: Nahly Vue
IG @nalyvuephotography

Model: Kaozong Thao
IG @kaaaoozzzong

Hmong ABC

Winter Wonderland Glam

I absolutely love working with Joylin. We usually shoot together once a year but this year, it happened twice! We started in studio first as I am learning and experimenting more with studio photography. I wanted to end 2016 shooting differently than the usual so during the christmas haul, I went a little crazy with wrapping paper to use as the backdrops.

The wrapping paper worked beautifully although there are slight changes I would make for my next shoot with wrapper paper. Joylin worked her poses so beautifully, I had so much fun shooting away as we caught up on life. Towards the end of the shoot, we mentioned going outside, slightly cautious of the weather but she was all up for it. Which was great because I absolutely love Joylin with nature. 

Check out Joylin because she's beautiful and amazing and then scroll down to see more from this shoot.

Creative Shoot with Xiomara

A few weeks ago, I posted on my social media letting people know that I'm always up for a collaboration. A few days after that post, Xiomara personally contacted me to work together. For her first time modeling, Xiomara did an amazing job. She was super upbeat and bright, I absolutely loved working with her!

Model: Xiomara
IG @ yenefyxiomara

Assistant: Sheng
IG @ genrenormal

Photography IG @ maivabphotography
BTS & Personal IG @ maivab

My assistant and I worked on creating her look and played around with her hair with the items that I had available. She brought her dresses for us to play around with. This was a great first time shoot with her as we eased her from simple portraiture to more dramatic and extravagant looks.

To create the metallic look, I covered her with basically one metallic silver eyeshadow that was part of my metallic colored palette. The crown is a creation a did a few months ago using wire, hot glue and silver spray. The earring, I grabbed from my sister's store Hmong ABC. The pearl necklace I found in the party section at target.