Speed Retouching

Hello everyone,

I know it's been awhile since I last updated this lovely blog but I'm currently crammed with homework and work. I did, however, make a video update on my youtube account which you can see below. It's a super speeded up process of how I do my basic editing but I just wanted to showcase that once you get the image right, lighting, make up, hair and all that sort, there's only a little more to add on for the final results.

For some reason when anyone reads or hears you mention retouching, they automatically think that you change body proportions. You don't, well I don't at least. I do my best to stay true to BODY PROPORTIONS and that's because I, myself, struggle with my own body type. Why would I put anyone through that too? Anyways, I love retouching for my own personal reasons, just putting this out there that when I do retouching, I get rid of acne and color discoloration as you will see in the video. Then I also love adding volume to my volume-less hair. 

Thank you for checking back with this blog. I promise I'll do better to update after I finish my semester. For now, check my updates (if you want to) through instagram.