Minnesota weather

is unpredictable at times and even though the week leading to the weekend of their engagement was swaying back and forth between cold to warm, we were met with a frosty morning for their engagement session. As true minnesotans, we braved through the cold and was able to quickly capture a few signature shots before calling it quits. Thank you to Diane and Kate for their resilience and cooperation in braving the cold for these unforgettable photos. Despite the chilly conditions, their warmth and enthusiasm shone through, creating stunning images that belie the freezing temperatures.

Bde Maka Ska

was their first date location and therefore held a lot of meaning to them. It was wonderful to walk through this core memory with them as we captured their moments together. As the weather was cold, lots of cuddles and hugs was suggested which they warmly welcomed.

Congrats to their engagement,

I am so excited to capture their special day!