One thing I absolutely love about pre-wedding sessions is having the time with the Bride and Groom to be as creative as we want. You still are given time during the wedding to be creative but it's on a time crunch. I absolutely had such a thrill photographing Kia & Keng at Lyndale's Rose Garden. The day was beautiful and warm and we spent majority of the time at the quieter garden and then made a quick move to the Rose Garden to get some quick shots there.


Kia & Keng were also super adorable. This session was definitely full of laughter and giggles. Keng (groom) was super creative and had tons of ideas up his sleeve (which I love and welcome). We had fun capturing both their rings and their love for one another.

A little #behind the scenes

Thank you to Victoria Vang for capturing these moments

Look forward to seeing the blog post on Kia & Keng's wedding!